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Spicy Peach-Chardonnay Preserves with Chipotle Chiles


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Rich with peaches and chardonnay wine reduction plus smoky chipotle chile spice!  Superb with grilled chicken, roast duck, pork and seafood!  Wonderful atop a wedge of rich brie (see above) or St. Andre or any soft-ripened cheese.  Just trim the top rind off the cheese wedge right out of the 'fridge, then after the cheese has come to serving (room) temperature, spoon our Spicy Peach-Chardonnay Preserves over the top of the cheese wedge.

Heat level  3-4

(Heat level indicator: 0 = mildest, 10 = very hot)

Jar size: 11 oz.



Product Code: SpicyPeach-ChardonnayPreserveswithChipotleChiles

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